Lobsterbowl Step Dance Entry Form



ENTRY DEADLINE: Friday, July 15th

Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the organizer (late fees will apply)

Wednesday, July 20th

Green’s Shore, Water Street, Summerside PE

Competition schedule will be emailed to participating teachers and posted on the Lobster Festival Website: http://www.summersidelobsterfest.com/


Please complete online entry form here: http://www.summersidelobsterfest.com/ (contact Jennifer Carson (902-314-6386; carsonjennifer@hotmail.com) with any questions or if needing assistance)


Note the deadline of July 15th to be received at CITY HALL


Entry Fees: 

Cheques made payable to  Summerside Lobster Festival

Please mail OR drop off all payments C/O: 

City of Summerside – Finance Department

275 Fitzroy Street

Summerside, PE

C1N 1H9




  1. Solo Step (age categories will be divided according to entries)
  2. Solo Choreography (age categories will be divided according to entries – please see rules for description)

Duo/Trio Step Dance 

  1. 6 yrs & Under                          7. 14 yrs & Under
  2. 8 yrs & Under                          8. 16 yrs & Under
  3. 10 yrs & Under                        9. Over 16 yrs
  4. 12 Years & Under

Group Step Dance Small (4-7 Dancers)

  1. 6 Years & Under
  2. 8 yrs & Under                         14. 14 yrs & Under
  3. 10 yrs & Under                       15. 16 yrs & Under
  4. 12 yrs & Under                       16. Over 16 Years

Group Step Dance Large (8 -12 Dancers)

  1. 6 yrs 7 Under                          20. 12 yrs & Under                          23. Over 16 Years
  2. 8 yrs & Under                         21. 14 yrs & Under
  3. 10 yrs & Under                       22. 16 yrs & Under

Group Step Dance Line (13+ Dancers) 

  1. 10 yrs & Under
  2. 11-15 yrs
  3. 16 and Over

Group Choreography Small (3 – 12 Dancers)

  1. 10 yrs & under
  2. 11-15 yrs
  3. 16 yrs & over

Group Choreography Large (13+ Dancers)

  1. 10 yrs & under
  2. 11-15 yrs
  3. 16 yrs & over

Medals will be awarded in all categories. Highest scoring dances in each division (see rules) will be invited to participate in the overall championship The Lobsterbowl.


Solos, Duo/Trios 2.5 minutes

Small Group: 3 Minutes

Large Group: 3.5 Minutes

Line Group: 4 Minutes

Group Choreography: 5 minutes

Deductions for exceeding the time limits will be at the discretion of the judge.

Entry Fees:

Solos: $10

Duo/Trio: $15

Groups: $5/Dancer

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  1. Lobsterbowl Qualifications: all solos, duo/trios and groups* with the highest mark in their respective division will be invited to participate in the overall championship. Divisions are as follows: Petit: 6 Years and Under; Mini: 10 Years and Under;  Pre-Teen: 13 Years and Under; Teen: 16 Years and Under; Adult: 17 Years and Over

*(inclusive – group winner for each division will include 1 winner per division from Small, Large or Line, not one of each. Other group dances can earn an invite to compete at the Lobsterbowl as per judge’s request)

  1. Solo choreographiesmay include music and steps of waltz clog, jig, reel, strathespey, hornpipe or any combination thereof. These dances can be performed to non-traditional music and/or can be designed to tell a story.

3 A) Group step dance includes any style of step dance (jig, reel, strathspey, strathspey and reel, waltz clog, hornpipe).

3 B) Group choreographies may include music and steps of waltz clog, jig, reel, hornpipe, strathespey or any combination thereof. These dances can be performed to non-traditional music and/or can be designed to tell a story. Dances may also incorporate different styles of dance.

  1. Competitors must provide their own music on a CD. Only one song per CD. No other music should precede or follow. Multiple tracks on a CD will not be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS . No explicit lyrics allowed.. All CDs should have all the following information CLEARLY PRINTED : Dance Name, Dance Category, Age Group, Any Special Instructions (e.g. long periods of silence where the operator might assume the music has finished should be clearly indicated) either on the CD or on the cover. CDs are to be handed in and picked up by a teacher or designated adult for each dance school – parents will not be allowed to approach the sound booth.
  1. For duos/trios and groups, the average age of team members shall determine the age category.
  1. Competitors may only enter in one age category in all solo, duet/ trio, and group events.
  1. Organizers reserve the right to combine, cancel or split age groups according to entries received.
  1. Dancers who qualify as professionals are ineligible for competition. Professional Criteria: Anyone who holds a dance teacher’s certificate, whose principle income is derived from teaching or performing, who teaches three or more hours a week or who have taught step dance as a profession and received any type of enumeration valued at over fifteen hundred dollars ($1500.00) per calendar year.
  1. No coaching of competitors while performing is permitted.
  1. All judges’ decisions are final. There will be no access to judging sheets and no communication between a judge and a competitor, teacher, parent or guardian regarding any decision made.
  1. Any protest must be made in writing, giving the complainant’s full name and address, and must be lodged no later than 48 hours after the event. Protests must be accompanied by a $25 fee, which will be returned should the complaint be upheld.